Tour First Aid Kit Refill

Tour First Aid Kit Refill

SKU: SSA1010

Keep your Tour First Aid Kit topped up with a refill of all the items included in the first aid kit.

  • Tech Specs

    Pack Size 1
    Items 20
  • Kit Contents Description

    1 – Washproof Plasters x 10

    Our washproof and hypoallergenic plasters are kind and sensitive to skin and help to aid the healing process. They are waterproof so will not be affected by rain whilst you are outside.


    • Superior adhesive
    • Sterile/individually wrapped
    • Latex-free


    2 – 3” Nickel Tweezers x 1

    An important tool to have in any first aid kit, ideal for:


    • Removing debris; glass, dirt or splinters from a wound
    • Removing animal stingers left behind
    • Performing any task where hands are too large


    3 – Sterowipe Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes x 4

    Alcohol-free wipes that are ideal for cleaning the skin to ensure greater adhesion of dressings.


    • Individual sachets joined in pairs
    • For use only on unbroken skin
    • Wipes are 19.5cm x 10cm


    4 – Tuff Cut Paramedic Scissors x 1

    The 6-inch tuff cut paramedic scissors are ideal for cutting open clothes or bandages safely without risk of piercing the skin.


    • Stainless steel with tough non-breakable plastic handle
    • The lower blade is hooked and rounded at the tip to allow easy insertion
    • Serrated edges enable material grip whilst the top blade shears


    5 – Blister Plasters x 1

    Ideal to prevent blisters forming and suitable to put over a blister to prevent further discomfort and infection. The thick water-based gel cushions protect wounds and blisters against rubbing and knocks anywhere on the body.


    • So clear, it's virtually invisible
    • Ideal to prevent blisters forming, and equally suitable to put over a blister to prevent further discomfort and infection
    • Instant pain and pressure relief
    • Superior cushioning protection
    • Highly conformable
    • Incredibly flexible to fit anywhere on the body
    • Medical grade adhesive for sensitive skin - child friendly
    • Breathable and waterproof


    6 – Steroswab Wound Dressings x5

    Helps to cushion, protect and prevent dryness in an open wound. It is used as an additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids and applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing.


    7 – Sterostrip Sutures x 1 pouch

    The strongest and most reliable wound closures that prevent wounds from re-opening.

    To apply, the wound should be pinched together, and strips applied. Leave in place for at least 10 days.


    8 - Eyepad Wound Dressing x 1

    Steropax eye pad dressings to dress damage to the eye and prevent any further infection.


    • Premium quality sterile wound dressing
    • Oval shaped to match the contours of the face
    • Unmedicated pad that cushions a wound and absorbs exudate


    9 - Steropax Medium Wound Dressing x 1

    Lifesaving dressings to be used following serious trauma. It provides initial protection from infection whilst en-route to the hospital. The pad cushions the wound and absorbs exudate and the strong elastic bandage holds the dressing securely in place.


    10 – Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressing x 1

    These large sterile dressings are hypoallergenic and have excellent adhesion, making them perfect for dressing parts of the body prone to continuous movements, such as joints.


    • Extremely flexible
    • Hypoallergenic adhesive
    • Exceptional stretch and conforming properties
    • Sterile - individually wrapped
    • Highly absorbent wound pad


    11 - Forehead Thermometer x 1

    The unbreakable and easy to use forehead thermometer gives fast and accurate readings.


    • Completely safe
    • The pocket-sized product can be taken anywhere
    • Fast and simple to use
    • Temperature range: 35 - 40 Celsius
    • Thermometer dimensions: 89mm x 19mm
    • Latex-Free


    12 - Steropad 5 x 5cm Wound Dressing x 2

    This NHS approved double-sided highly absorbent wound dressing is ideal for use following operations and surgical procedures.


    • The pad is double-sided which takes away the risk of the pad being applied incorrectly to the wound
    • Low adherent, low-to-no discomfort when removed
    • Sterile/individually wrapped
    • Cushioned protection
    • Highly absorbent


    13 – Resuscitation Emergency Guide x 1

    A pocket-sized emergency guide providing essential life-saving resuscitation techniques, such as:

    • The emergency procedure
    • Choking treatment for a baby
    • Baby CPR
    • Child CPR
    • Adult CPR
    • Plaster ranges suitable for children


    14 - Burnshield 3.5ml Sachet x 1

    Easy to apply 3.5ml sachets for instant relief for minor, burns, scalds and sunburn - Cooling gel absorbs and dissipates the heat.


    • Immediate effective treatment – soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburn
    • Provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn from progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage
    • Burn blott sachets 3.5ml - make applying the cooling, soothing gel, nice and easy.

    The Emergency Services have used Burnshield for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that Burnshield really is the perfect product to treat skin burns effectively.

    Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree burns.


    15 - Nitrile Gloves x 1

    Soft, elasticated nitrile gloves to be worn whenever a wound is being dressed, or when in contact with bodily fluids or other waste matter.


    • Excellent grip in wet and dry situations
    • Offers extra protection against certain chemicals
    • Soft glove with a flexible feel
    • Contains no natural rubber latex


    16 - Paracetamol x 1 box of 16 tablets

    Effective pain relief for:

    • Headaches
    • Sore throat
    • Toothache
    • Fever, colds and flu


    17 - Non-Woven Triangular Bandage x 1

    The multifunctional bandage can support an arm in a sling or as additional support to help hold a splint in place.


    18 - Sterocrepe Crepe Bandage x 1

    The NHS approved crepe bandage, ideal for giving light support to sprains and strains.

    • Woven elasticated bandage
    • Unrivalled quality
    • Can also be used for dressing retention
    • Provides padding and protection
    • Exceptionally high stretch
    • Soft and supple
    • Washable and therefore reusable
    • Individually wrapped


    19 – Sterotape Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape x 1

    This rigid, adhesive tape is used to strap up and strengthen joints, with a serrated edge, making it easier to tear into a strip.


    • Non-stretch zinc oxide strapping
    • Provides rigid support even under extreme stress
    • Excellent skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive
    • Guaranteed directional support and immobilisation
    • Ultra-strong, easy to apply and extremely comfortable
    • Tears easily by hand along both length and width
    • No scissors required
    • Conforms well to body contours


    20 - Safety Pins x 6

    A pack of safety pins is a HSE requirement for first aid kits. Whether fastening a bandage or securing a sling, the safety pin has endless uses




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