What Are Foil Blankets And How Can They Help Mountain Bikers?

The emergency foil blanket, also known as a space blanket, is an essential piece of equipment when camping, hiking and mountain biking. Discovered in 1964 after a scientist discovered that a metalised film used in satellites could also keep people warm, the shiny silver foil emergency blankets work by reflecting heat back to the body. The medical foil blanket is windproof and waterproof as well as being highly reflective, making it a must-have when mountain biking in remote areas.

How does a foil blanket work?

You might have noticed runners wear a foil blanket after crossing the finish line. This is because after a race a runner's temperature will drop quite rapidly as they have stopped running and have stopped using their muscles. The thermal performance of heat blanket foil helps the athletes regulate their body temperature.

How does aluminium foil reflect body heat?

In an emergency situation, the shiny part of the thermal blanket is vital in reflecting up to 80% of heat back off the object it's facing, whether it be a body, a fire, or the sun.

The thermal blanket insulation foil reflects and redirects heat in the form of infrared energy, so in a situation where you're suffering from being cold or hypothermia, you will want to have the shiny side facing you to keep the core temperature at the correct level to prevent heat loss.

Some blankets have both sides made of silver foil and others will have just one side, so it is vital that you check if the blanket is on correctly if you ever have to use one.

How foil blankets can help mountain bikers

Many people use foil blankets for camping or keep them in their first aid kits when mountain biking in remote areas when medical care may be too far away. Carrying survival equipment such as a foil survival blanket is vital in situations where you are unable to move due to an injury, as the thermal foil blanket's heat-retaining properties can keep you warm and prevent hypothermia whilst you are waiting for medical care or search and rescue to arrive.

Our foil blanket is made from metalised polyester film and is ideal for treating or preventing hypothermia. The shiny foil blanket provides exceptional thermal insulation while protecting against wind and rain. The size of the blanket is 1.4 x 2m and its packed sized is just 12.5 x 8.5cm, so it is light, compact and easy to carry. All you have to do is unpack it and unfold it if you need to use it.

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