The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme - What It Is And How To Use It

After a significant increase in people cycling and walking during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government want people to continue doing so. In July they launched the 'Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme', designed to help people get their unused bikes fixed, so that more people are cycling, rather than driving or using public transport.

What Is The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme?

In 1999, the Government launched the ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ that promoted a healthier and more environmentally friendly journey to work by allowing employees to get any bike, from mountain bikes to road bikes, and bike accessories. Now, the UK Government have introduced the ‘Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme’, which aims to encourage more people in England to embrace cycling as an alternative to driving. The scheme discourages the spread of COVID-19 by relieving pressure on public transport, whilst also helping people become fitter and healthier and reducing air pollution.

The ‘Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme’, which is for anyone who has a bike in need of a repair, provides £50 towards the cost of service and repair for up to two cycles per household. All you have to do is sign up for the scheme here, then use Energy Saving Trust's map of participating cycle shops and mechanics to find your local bike repairer.

How Sterosport Activ Can Keep You Safe Whilst Cycling

Our aim is to assist with the Governments cycling and walking schemes, by making sure that cyclists, adventurers, hikers, and people who love family walks, stay safe. Our range of walking and bicycle first aid kits have been carefully considered to ensure that we have a first aid kit for every occasion. They can provide peace of mind as you know that you are prepared for whatever may happen.

Our Range of First Aid Kits

We have a range of first aid kits that have been specifically designed for cycling and walking. From kits that contain the basics to more comprehensive kits, we are certain that we can suit your needs.

Adventure First Aid Kit

Ideal for the more adventurous people, its contents can help you deal with minor and major injuries whilst hiking in remote areas.

Road First Aid Kit

Ideal for bike safety on the road, this mini first aid kit is equipped with the basics to help you treat minor injuries immediately.

Mountain First Aid Kit

This is our most comprehensive kit that is ideal for hiking in remote areas where medical care may be too far away.

Tour First Aid Kit

Ideal for bike touring, this first aid kit is well-equipped to help you treat minor and major injuries until you can receive medical attention.

Light First Aid Kit

This cycling first aid kit is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for bicycle races and outdoor cycling events.

Pocket first aid kit

Equipped to treat minor injuries, this first aid kit is ideal for basic trekking and family walks.

Giving You Complete Control

Using our shop, you can select one of our pre-packaged kits and are free to customise it with our individual first aid kit contents. Alternatively, you can buy our Activ Series first aid bag and build a kit completely from scratch! We also have first aid kit refills for all of our kits as well as extra items such as survival equipment, including foil blankets and S.T.A.T. Tourniquets. You can check out our shop here.

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