First Aid for Life and Sterosport Activ Partnership Announcement

First Aid for Life specialises in first aid for cycling and are working in partnership with Sterosport Activ by Steroplast manufacturers of specialist bike first aid kits to raise awareness of cycling first aid and the culture change required by cyclists. The partnership will promote safe cycling and equip cyclists with the knowledge, skills and first aid essentials to deal with any injuries that may occur when riding a bike.

First Aid for Life CEO, Emma Hammett said,

“First Aid for Life is a multi-award-winning, fully regulated provider of practical and online first aid training. We are delighted to be partnering with Steroplast and Sterosport Activ to help develop their exciting new range of first aid products specifically designed for cyclists. First Aid for Life and are proud to be the leading UK provider of sports and cycling first aid courses and work closely with key influencers campaigning to make cycling more accessible and safer for all.”

Andrew Watson, Head of Business Development – Sport at Steroplast Healthcare said,

“We know that more and more people are riding bikes which is fantastic for the health of the nation, the environment and the economy. Many cyclists still do not carry a first aid kit and often are not confident in how to treat injuries or what to do in an emergency. Together with First Aid for Life, we’re excited to create a safer cycling culture.”

A winning partnership

The partnership has all the ingredients for success with First Aid for Life and Sterosport Activ committed to improving cycling safety. First Aid for Life will bring their significant expertise to the partnership to advise on the requirements for specialist bike first aid kits. Steroplast Healthcare already set standards across 7 sectors and now they are creating the standard for bike first aid kits with Sterosport Activ. Together, First Aid for Life and Sterosport Activ will engage the cycling community, develop specialist solutions for and promote cycling first aid.

The cycling first aid experts

First Aid for Life specialises in first aid for the cycling industry and have developed specific online first aid for cyclists’ courses. First Aid for Life does all the training for the London Cycling Campaign along with many other cycling organisations throughout the Country.

The First Aid for Cyclists course is designed to give bike riders the theoretical knowledge (and a lot more) needed to equip cyclists with the skills and knowledge to be able to help someone involved in a cycling accident.

Protecting UK Cyclists

After a significant increase in people cycling and walking during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government have started a campaign to encourage people to start being more active.

The aim of Sterosport Activ is to assist with this campaign by keeping cyclists safe. The range of products and first aid kits have been carefully considered to ensure that first aid kits are available for each cycling discipline and for every occasion.

To be prepared and to stay safe when cycling, check out the range of specialist bike first aid kits available from Sterosport Activ.

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