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Are you a distributor, bike shop, retailer or e-commerce business? Allow us to help your business grow

As one of our valued customers, we want to make sure we look after you as best as we can. We treat our relationship with our customers as partnerships. We make sure that as long as your working with us, your company will constantly grow.

Help and guidance will always be available if needed, and we can give you 10 reasons on how we can help your business grow if you become a distributor.

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Marketing support for sales growth

  • Access to your own electronic catalogue with your own branding

  • A minimal investment can build sales quickly and easily. Ideal when starting a business and keeping control of your marketing budget

  • You'll benefit from in-house design facilities

  • Sales growth through innovations, product enhancements and new product introductions

  • Advice on: Exhibitions/Social media

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Professional product photography & video

Superb quality photographs help sell product. Sign-up now and get access to our in-house team's ongoing photography and video content.

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Product endorsements

Products that have been endorsed by medically qualified professionals, including clinicians, physiotherapists and emergency services personnel to name just a few.

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Excellent products competitively priced

Providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. This guarantees growth and significant profits over the long term.

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100% quality guarantee

Superb quality photographs help sell products. Sign-up now and get access to our in-house team's ongoing photography and video content.

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Product training & advice to help your business grow

As the industry experts, we’ll show you the benefits of our products to enable your sales teams to sell effectively and profitably.

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Risk assessment advice when needed

We will help you keep your customers on the right side of the law!

Build greater credibility by informing your customers of their legal obligations and compliance with the latest British Standards regulations. When you can answer your customer’s queries and questions on “Health & Safety Law” you gain their trust, and trust leads to customer loyalty and repeat business.

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Drop shipments/ order tracking

If at any time you would like us to deliver directly to your customer, we can do that. Sometimes people choose this for ease, or to save time.

Orders tracked online – know where your order is at any given time.

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Ever growing product range

As we are venturing into a brand new sector, we will be continuously developing and adding to our product range to suit the needs of customers.

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Preferential pricing

If you partner with us and become a distributor, you can enjoy the benefit of lower, wholesale prices!

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What are you stocking at the moment? Who are your main areas of interest? Get in touch and fill out the form below with any areas of interest/comments. We will be back in touch shortly to tell you how we can help your business grow with our industry-leading products!

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